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I finally beat extra mode

 That ball, is DANGEROUS.

check ur reddit rn or die

It's almost haloween.

Big update is coming soon.


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this game is so scary


this game asshead!!





why was genuinely scary


how do i collect?


I shidded and pissed all over the place


This made me shit my pants

i can relate

I got scared somehow

why did i jump


this game is way to scary...


I got to weird roblox face guy. I won.


I order you to update this mr. Author

i screamed

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also it gave me nightmares for literally 5 months.

bricked up rn ngl

wait what. Umm question what part of the game got you bricked up??? 


this is the game of all time

it scared me shitless why is it scary. ITS JUST A TPOSING SANS

GG Fortnite balls ;)

very good game, i want to kill myself after speedrunning it :)


It was difficult to understand what exactly you need to do - other than not letting the thing chasing you touch you. The fact that he floats towards you, ignoring solid objects and gravity, makes it positively challenging.

the best game

Make an audio adjuster. Im talking to my friend while we play this, and I can barely hear him




it's perfect, perfect gameplay, grafic, story, everything

Da mucho miedo )me estoy cumeando ahora mismo por el poto por favor darme un besito)




This is the most game I've ever played


This. This is the greatest game I've ever played. I cried so damn hard, this is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Nothing in my life can even compare. This is humanity's magnum opus, this is our greatest achievement. We've reached our peak as a species.

as humanity itself I can agree with this utterance


goooffy aaaaahhh



This has inspired me to make fortnite 3


quandale dingle





five night a freddy's!!!


how collect

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